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Vintage LBI is a reflection on times past. Objects that evoke memories of life lived on Long Beach Island in the 20th century.Shell jewelry from the Betty Jean Shop.Designed and made by the Waldo sisters in the 1950s. Photographed with vintage china and other finds.

Images available on notecards by contacting us via the galleries homepage.
Gone For A SwimHoliday Wreaths  No. 018Dogwoods and Sunburst    No. 028Snail Tea Party    No. 030Japanese Sunset       No. 037Peony Tea Party        No. 048Story Circle      No. 103Moon Snail Italia          No. 109Antoinette’s TeaDaisy Tea Party     No. 134White and Silver      No. 145Pansies and Violets     No. 167Abalone Starburst        No. 238Rosa Tea Party    No. 262Twilight Bouquet    No. 267Flying Fantasy and Orchids      No. 280Caribbean Star     No. 287Azteca   No. 291Autumn Princess  No. 321Lilly Lollipops  No. 336