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Macro details of the effects of everchanging natural light on the native plants of the New Jersey Pinelands. Taken in the field.

I view the selected photos in this gallery as an artistic interpretation of the subjects. For photos that could be used for identification purposes, please contact me directly via this website with your name, position,organization, usage needs, common and latin name of specie(s) and any other info you feel would be pertinent.

No subject removed from it's native ecosystem.
Blueberry Blossoms in the Blaze of Early Morning LightLeather-leafStaggerbushBearberryBlack huckleberry Portrait viewBlack Huckleberry     Landscape viewSwamp Shadbush first bloomSwamp ShadbushTeaberry BlossomDwarf Cinquefoil with Acorn CapsMountain Laurel in AbundanceSheep Laurel At TwilightBluecurls- A portraitBluecurlsWhite Sport of a Boykin's LobeliaPortrait Of A Lobelia in the RainNuttall's lobeliaCanby's Lobelia