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Raku- Part of a Series-The Third/The Far Right

Part of Bass River Spring/Raku- the Triptych
One of my signature series-This is the third photograph in the series of three. Meant to be placed on the far left.

Currently on this website, your choices are:
  • to order this print singly, as the photo can stand on it's own as an abstract study.
  • order prints as a series of three and have your framer construct a mat with three openings, inserting the three prints in the order that I have indicated
  • order framed prints in the same format and size, and hang them on your walls in the order that I have indicated.
  • If you wish to order prints on canvas, please email me, as editing is necessary if choosing a gallery/museum format.

    More photos of Bass River or water reflections can be found on this website.
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Raku- Part of a Series-The Third/The Far Right